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10 02 2009

Yeah this blog is back to take over the house world…YEAH FUCK YEAH!!!!

Don C and crew

Audible – (White Mouse / Carbine) PREVIEW

15 12 2008

Tiesto plays “White Mouse” in Mexico.

Audible – Carbine Preview

Audible – White Mouse Preview

hug it out
Mr P

Un Ultimo Baile!

14 12 2008

Good morning folks!

Sunday-depression once again.. Well don’t fear, because today you’re having three fresh bombs for breakfast!

Dj Marcu5 – Break the Fucking thing (Maydrax Mix)

What in the world is that fucking thing?

JoJo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon – Need (Original Vocal Mix)

Today’s Vocal. Hot!

Alexey Romeo & Jury Jet – Tango (DJ Ax Robyn Extended Remix)


I wanna grow a mustache and get me a big funny-looking hat and just dance Tango for the rest of my life!

Don’t remember comments always are welcome.

/ The lords of Zanginity


Fast Delivery!

13 12 2008

(if anyone wonder why Mr.P haven’t been posting in a while, this girl (His G.F) is the reason)

Saturday once again!

I don’t know why it took me so long to get my ass to the computer but better late than never as people use to say!

Four fast tunes, perfect for your pre-party.

Les Schmitz, David Amo, Julio Navas – Positive (Amo & Navas Rework 2008)

Nice Rework!

John Dalhback – Everywhere (Arcada Remix)

New Remix of an modern Classic!

Deadmau5 – Slip (Sebastian Leger Remix)

Perhaps the two hottest prod’s mixed up together, fantastic!

Flanders – Behind (Callea Club Mix)

Really good pre-party material!

Now get dressed and catch the night!

/ Don C & Crew



10 12 2008


Today’s menu includes four fresh tunes, three originals and one super-awesome remix.

Hope you find ’em tasteful!

Paolo Mojo – The Dancer (Original Mix)

Nice progressive track by Mr.Mojo!

Remady P&R – No Superstar (Original Mix)

Apparently no superstar… but definitely an awesome House producer!

Mango – Every Sunrise (Original Mix)

Really nice chill-out track.. Love it!

Maurizio Gubellini – Moscow Trip (Outwork Electro Vocalist Remix)

Remember Maurizio Gubellini? We wrote about this Italian producer some weeks ago. Here’s a new remix of his “most famous” track, Moscow Trip. Enjoy!


Interview with Mr. Ali Payami from his visit in Hollywood!

Notice how good english he’s speaking.. Not very typical swedish, right?

Don C & Crew


8 12 2008

Just some monday bombs, ’cause you’re worth it!

D azoo At Night – Touch Go (Original Mix)

D’azoo’s back again with a real Zangin-smasher!

Kurd Maverick – Blue Monday (Vandalism Remix)

Nice track vandalized!

Ballroom – Passenger (Adam Shachar Remix 2008)

Perfect monday-track with smooth vocals!

Benjamin Theves – Texas (SebastiAn Remix)

One of the coolest french (and Ed Bangers) producer’s back with a hard electronic remix of Benjamin Theves “Texas”!


/ Don C & Crew


7 12 2008


How lovely it is to just stay in bed for a whole day!

All I’ve managed to do today has been watching movies, eating pizza and now update the house of Zanginity!

Since I’m reaaally lazy today I’m just giving you some fast ones (even though all of them are more or less bombs..).

However, enjoy ’em!

Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Somos Tus Amigos Remix)

Justice makes me happy!

R.I.O. – When The Sun Comes Down (TAITO Remix) Official Version

One of the best songs at the moment remixed once again!

Stefano Prada And Stevie S – VIP (Stevie S Vocal Mix)

Welcome to the VIP-section!

Michael Mind – Hold On (Original Mix)


The Killers – Human (Cure Electro Rmx)

Another good remix of a Killers-song!

Crookers – Big Money Comin (Original mix)

Crookers’ back again with another bomb-tune!

So that’s it for today, don’t forget comments always are welcome!

Don C & Crew


Henrik B!!

5 12 2008

vattenPhoto by:Daniel Nordqvist

So it’s friday once again!

These days it all has been about Henrik B’s new material that finally got released!

The two songs are called Waenern and Wettern. (Vänern och Vättern is swedish).

As at least every swedish person knows, Vänern and Vättern are the two largest lakes in Sweden.

All we can say about the tunes is that they’re absolutely fantastic. We love Henrik B and we probably you guys do aswell. Just enjoy!

Henrik B – Waenern

Henrik B – Wettern

Don C & Crew


Najfest + Ingrosso Interview!

4 12 2008


Första advent har kommit, nu är det inte långt kvar till Jul. Två fester kvar innan säsongsavslutningen.

5 december bjuder NajsFest in er till en stor julfest. Dj Masih Ghaeny (NRJ at the club) och Dj Alec A (Lunds Nation) kommer lyfta taket i ton med Johan Liedberg bakom saxofon.

Housegolve: Dj Masih Ghaeny, realese Elephant war och Brothers and sisters.

Partygolvet: Dj Alec A, det berömda partygolvet ska gungas av en skön blandning av House / RnB och de senaste hitsen!

Johan Liedberg bakom saxofon på Housegolvet

Alla drinkar för 25 kr innan midnatt!

Två fester kvar, missa inte fredagens galej på Hipp!

Varmt Välkomna önskar NajsFest,, STiL (Man & Kvinna) samt Öresundsgruppen med personal!

hug it out
Mr P


2 12 2008



So it has been some days a again but this time I actually can explain why…

Sunday turned out to be one of the most un-expected days in my whole life. I was just heading downtown to the peaceful city Lund just to grab a coffee. I’d heard that there was some demonstration planned but I didn’t really care since I was kind of tired from the night before.

However, I turned out to be one of these punks you see on TV doing riots just to piss out the police. Not so strange though, the police were guarding the nazis.. Beautiful to see so many people gather together against the nazi-pigs! 🙂


Political talk’s now over, back to House!

We’re a little late to inform you about this, but better late than never.

Nellie Recordings is back again, this time it’s the talanted producer Liam Goodwin that’s back with new material. The new song, Chiriqui comes in three different versions, original mix and two remixes.

Support the artist by visiting Beatport and buy the songs!

download link



Name: Avicii
Comment: Original Mix is my pick.

Name: Daniel Kandi
Comment: Darone’s Dark Remix for me. Super progressive stuff from a label I’m glad to know now! Supported! 8/10


Name: Andrés Cabrera
Comment: Lovin’ the original mix!

Name: Johan Ilves
Comment: The original mix is my favorite. Really tight progressive. The remixes is good too though.





Alaa – They never learn


All right, that’s it folks!

/Don C & crew